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boolean org::apache::hadoop::fs::FileChecksum::equals ( Object  other  )  [inline, inherited]

Return true if both the algorithms and the values are the same.

Definition at line 36 of file FileChecksum.java.

References org::apache::hadoop::fs::FileChecksum::getAlgorithmName(), and org::apache::hadoop::fs::FileChecksum::getBytes().

Referenced by org::apache::hadoop::tools::DistCp::sameFile().

    if (other == this) {
      return true;
    if (other == null || !(other instanceof FileChecksum)) {
      return false;

    final FileChecksum that = (FileChecksum)other;
    return this.getAlgorithmName().equals(that.getAlgorithmName())
      && Arrays.equals(this.getBytes(), that.getBytes());

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