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org::apache::hadoop::tools::DistCp::CopyFilesMapper Class Reference

Inherits org::apache::hadoop::mapred::Mapper< org::apache::hadoop::io::LongWritable, org::apache::hadoop::tools::DistCp::FilePair, WritableComparable< ?>, org::apache::hadoop::io::Text >.

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Detailed Description

FSCopyFilesMapper: The mapper for copying files between FileSystems.

Definition at line 306 of file DistCp.java.

Public Member Functions

void close () throws IOException
void configure (JobConf job)
void map (LongWritable key, FilePair value, OutputCollector< WritableComparable<?>, Text > out, Reporter reporter) throws IOException

Static Package Functions

static String bytesString (long b)

Private Member Functions

void copy (FileStatus srcstat, Path relativedst, OutputCollector< WritableComparable<?>, Text > outc, Reporter reporter) throws IOException
FSDataOutputStream create (Path f, Reporter reporter, FileStatus srcstat) throws IOException
String getCountString ()
boolean needsUpdate (FileStatus srcstatus, FileSystem dstfs, Path dstpath) throws IOException
void rename (Path tmp, Path dst) throws IOException
void updatePermissions (FileStatus src, FileStatus dst) throws IOException
void updateStatus (Reporter reporter)

Private Attributes

byte[] buffer = null
int copycount = 0
FileSystem destFileSys = null
Path destPath = null
int failcount = 0
boolean ignoreReadFailures
JobConf job
boolean overwrite
boolean preserve_status
EnumSet< FileAttribute > preseved
int sizeBuf = 128 * 1024
int skipcount = 0
boolean update

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