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static void org::apache::hadoop::tools::DistCp::copy ( final Configuration  conf,
final Arguments  args 
) throws IOException [inline, static, package]

Driver to copy srcPath to destPath depending on required protocol.

args arguments

Definition at line 634 of file DistCp.java.

References checkSrcPath(), fullyDelete(), and setup().

    LOG.info("srcPaths=" + args.srcs);
    LOG.info("destPath=" + args.dst);
    checkSrcPath(conf, args.srcs);

    JobConf job = createJobConf(conf);
    if (args.preservedAttributes != null) {
      job.set(PRESERVE_STATUS_LABEL, args.preservedAttributes);
    if (args.mapredSslConf != null) {
      job.set("dfs.https.client.keystore.resource", args.mapredSslConf);
    //Initialize the mapper
    try {
      setup(conf, job, args);
      finalize(conf, job, args.dst, args.preservedAttributes);
    } finally {
      //delete tmp
      fullyDelete(job.get(TMP_DIR_LABEL), job);
      //delete jobDirectory
      fullyDelete(job.get(JOB_DIR_LABEL), job);

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