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org::apache::hadoop::util::StringUtils Class Reference

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Detailed Description

General string utils

Definition at line 43 of file StringUtils.java.

Public Types

enum  TraditionalBinaryPrefix {
  KILO = (1024), MEGA = (KILO.value << 10), GIGA = (MEGA.value << 10), TERA = (GIGA.value << 10),
  PETA = (TERA.value << 10), EXA = (PETA.value << 10)

Static Public Member Functions

static String arrayToString (String[] strs)
static String byteDesc (long len)
static String byteToHexString (byte bytes[])
static String byteToHexString (byte[] bytes, int start, int end)
static String escapeHTML (String string)
static String escapeString (String str, char escapeChar, char[] charsToEscape)
static String escapeString (String str, char escapeChar, char charToEscape)
static String escapeString (String str)
static int findNext (String str, char separator, char escapeChar, int start, StringBuilder split)
static String formatPercent (double done, int digits)
static String formatTime (long timeDiff)
static String formatTimeDiff (long finishTime, long startTime)
static String getFormattedTimeWithDiff (DateFormat dateFormat, long finishTime, long startTime)
static String getHostname ()
static Collection< String > getStringCollection (String str)
static String[] getStrings (String str)
static byte[] hexStringToByte (String hex)
static String humanReadableInt (long number)
static synchronized String limitDecimalTo2 (double d)
static String simpleHostname (String fullHostname)
static String[] split (String str, char escapeChar, char separator)
static String[] split (String str)
static void startupShutdownMessage (Class<?> clazz, String[] args, final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG)
static String stringifyException (Throwable e)
static Path[] stringToPath (String[] str)
static URI[] stringToURI (String[] str)
static String unEscapeString (String str, char escapeChar, char[] charsToEscape)
static String unEscapeString (String str, char escapeChar, char charToEscape)
static String unEscapeString (String str)
static String uriToString (URI[] uris)

Static Public Attributes

final static char COMMA = ','
final static String COMMA_STR = ","
final static char ESCAPE_CHAR = '\\'

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean hasChar (char[] chars, char character)
static String toStartupShutdownString (String prefix, String[] msg)

Static Private Attributes

static final DecimalFormat decimalFormat
static DecimalFormat oneDecimal = new DecimalFormat("0.0")

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