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org::apache::hadoop::mapred::Reporter Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

A facility for Map-Reduce applications to report progress and update counters, status information etc.

Mapper and Reducer can use the Reporter provided to report progress or just indicate that they are alive. In scenarios where the application takes an insignificant amount of time to process individual key/value pairs, this is crucial since the framework might assume that the task has timed-out and kill that task.

Applications can also update Counters via the provided Reporter .

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Definition at line 40 of file Reporter.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract Counter getCounter (String group, String name)
abstract Counter getCounter (Enum<?> name)
abstract InputSplit getInputSplit () throws UnsupportedOperationException
abstract void incrCounter (String group, String counter, long amount)
abstract void incrCounter (Enum<?> key, long amount)
void progress ()
abstract void setStatus (String status)

Static Public Attributes

static final Reporter NULL

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